Green in Motion

Everybody today is concerned about the earth’s welfare. We want to leave a better planet for our kids. The latest craze is green cars. These are vehicles that use renewable energy sources as fuel. There are different types of energy vehicles and they also use different kinds of green energy.


Why Have Green Cars Been Developed?

A conventional car works using an internal combustion engine which burns fuel to create motion. Fuel is a fossil fuel which means it is non renewable and will one day run out. The burning of fossil fuel results in the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases have been proven to contribute to the effect of global warming.

On top of this, fuel is created from crude oil. Crude oil is not only a non renewable resource which will one day run out, the production of oil is also highly dangerous for the natural environment. Oil spills, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster oil spill in 2010, destroys natural habitats and kills wildlife.

These factors have led to the development of ‘green’ cars, which cause less damage to the environment.

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There are different types of green cars in the market. A customer simply chooses what seems suitable to them or your needs. Most of these vehicles are referred to as hybrids.

Hybrid cars are greener because rather than just running off of a normal internal combustion engine, which unfortunately has to produce a lot of noxious by products to do its job of powering the vehicle, they use an electric motor too. An electric motor by itself isn’t yet a viable means of powering a car for mainstream, everyday use (though this could be something that is possible in the future) for a number of reasons, but when used in combination with a fuel burning engine it can take on some of the work, meaning the car is only burning fuel some of the time. This reduces emissions significantly, and of course, also means you have to buy less fuel! Not all hybrid cars are equal, however, and there are different types and levels of “hybrid” to consider. Here we take a look at them.

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When it comes to buying environmental friendly cars there are certain factors to consider. You will first of all need to check if the vehicle is fuel efficient. Next find out the kind of fuel it uses.

Fuel-efficient petrol cars

Car manufacturers can use a number of new technologies to make petrol-run cars more efficient without resorting to battery technology. These include:

  • Guidance mechanisms for more efficient gear changing
  • Automatic gearing that makes the best use of gear ratio
  • Engine-off mechanism that turns off the engine when the car stops at lights
  • Braking systems that feed energy back into the car battery
  • Low profile tyres to make rolling resistance more efficient
  • Lighter body weight meaning better fuel efficiency

Engines that are more efficient and use lighter materials.

Examples of car models that use these technologies include the Mazda SkyActiv and VW BlueMotion.

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